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"The unique AnyBridge way of building IoT devices makes it the most cost- and time-effective."

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be built with billions of devices that perform a multitude of sensing, processing and control functions. Developing a device for a specific application or market segment is time- and money-consuming, and bears many risks of delays and failures.


AnyBridge helps its customers with creating their IoT solution by building IoT devices with the lowest possible investment, and the shortest time-to-market, while eliminating all development risks. We are able to accomplish this for our customers by offering a technology and strategy that challenges the status quo of device development and production.


Our IoT Device Building Blocks make it possible to validate new ideas fast and flexibly, and then taking it into production (if need be) the very same day.


Our IoT PowerPlans offer a IoT solution creation and validation strategy that takes it from idea to production with a fixed budget and within a fixed time.


By using the AnyBridge IoT Device Building Blocks and IoT PowerPlans, our customers will lower their initial nvestment for building a manufacturable IoT device with at least 50%, and within a fraction of the lead time, compared to conventional design projects, while having the peace-of-mind that development will always stay within budget and on time, and the certainty that it will lead to a solution that works.

The AnyBridge IoT proposition

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