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"How far will experimental hardware get you building a device? Work with a real IoT device from day one!"

AnyBridge: getting real on IoT!

Of course you can start experimenting with the likes of Arduino or RaspberryPi and have loads of fun soldering and tinkering when building your first prototype IoT 'device', but how far will it get you? Once you're done and confident that your innovation will become a great success, you'll have to invest quite some time and funds to develop a device that is built to last, and can be manufactured reliably...


Why not get real from day one, and build a production-grade IoT device, without sacrifycing any of the design flexibility that you need to validate your latest bright idea in practice? To get you started even quicker, AnyBridge created the IoT PowerPlans: all-in-one, budget-friendly IoT creation packages that let you grow from idea to product in the shortest possible time. In fact, since you have been working with the real IoT device all along, you can move to production as soon you have validated it in practice: zero-time-to-market.


The AnyBridge IoT PowerPlans limit your risk, both in time and in money, and ensure that your business innovation can become reality on time and within budget.

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