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"Creating IoT devices should be as intuitive and fun as playing with building blocks."

IoT Device Building Blocks

At AnyBridge, we've taken a very lucid and fresh approach towards building IoT devices: it should be as easy, flexible, intuitive, and yes, as fun as playing with construction blocks. We have two types of IoT Device Building Blocks: base device blocks and bridge module blocks. By freely combining a base device with one or more bridge modules, your production-grade IoT device is ready. All you need to do, is tell us what you wish to achieve with your IoT device.


Under the hood, there is a lot of technology that we've covered and you don't need to worry about (but we're happy to share with you). We want to help you keep focus on creating your very own IoT proposition, while we take care of the bits and bytes, and the nuts and bolts.

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