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"AnyBridge operates at the frontline of the IoT, with a team that challenges the status quo of IoT device creation."

Be part of something!

AnyBridge operates at the frontline of je Internet of Things, with a compelling strategy for designing IoT devices. We are looking for talented professionals who share our passion for challenging the status quo of IoT device creation, and would like to join the AnyBridge team to be part of something!


If you have relevant knowledge in any of the following fields, and are interested in working with AnyBridge, please let us know:



  • IoT solutions consultancy/business development

  • IoT marketing & sales

  • Supply chain management



  • Embedded software design

  • Embedded hardware design

  • Computer programming (mostly .Net, WPF, Asp.Net)

  • Analog electronics

  • Power supply design

  • Energy harvesting

  • RF design

  • Product certifcation

  • Electronics manufacturing


Free-lance and independent designers are also welcome to get in touch, and join us a partners.  

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