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"Trying to develop a unique IoT proposition with an off-the-shelf device is pointless."

IoT: there's no such Thing...!

The general belief that IoT Devices are always-available, off-the-shelf, and ready-to-go stock items, is perhaps the biggest misconception about the Internet of Things. To this day, we have not encountered a single application that is a 1-to-1 copy of a previous project. While most IoT devices do share common functionality, each IoT proposition will have its own characteristics.


After all, how can your IoT solution be unique, if it uses the exact same device as everybody else? IoT can generate incredible value for those who can turn obstacles into opportunities.


Before you run off, and start spending lots of time and money on developing your own custom IoT device, you may want to consider using our AnyBridge IoT Device Building Blocks. Create a production-grade, future-proof IoT device with the design flexibility to make it completely your own. It gives you a head start with testing and validating your IoT proposition, and zero-time-to-market once you're ready to roll-out and deploy.

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